Tiger T-Shirt

AnthroCon, Art Show and Auction

I've got a T-shirt in the AnthroCon 2008 Art Show and Auction!

It's a "tiger" design, similar to ones I've made before, but this time in black, charcoal and white. Look around for it!

(Special thanks to The Zebu for taking it down there for me, setting up my display, and etc. - it's much appreciated!)

(T-Shirt and Photo by Dan Desveaux.)

Lion and Guitar

FA: United, Cocktail Hour

I'm going to be the musical entertainment for FA:United's Cocktail Hour, a special event for all convention sponsors.

So cough up a few extra bucks, and come have a drink while I play guitar and sing a variety of animal-themed songs!

I'm also registered to compete in the "Battle of the Bands" - I'll do it solo, but if you want to rock out on stage with me, let me know!

(Drawing by Dan Desveaux.)

Music at Feral

Feral!, Sing-Along, Musician's Circle, Furry Jam...

I'll be at Feral! again this year, as I have been every year since Feral! 2000. As usual I will have my acoustic guitar and acoustic bass guitar, some percussion instruments, and binders full of guitar tabs and lyrics. And, as usual, Miami and I will be leading the traditional campfire sing-along. And as usual, I will be playing a few songs at the Musician's Circle (which is intended more as performance, rather than audience participation like the sing-along).

I also want to attempt to hold a Furry Jam, where I'll teach people chords and melodies to some well-known furry songs, and we'll all play along to some well-known fury songs. So, plenty of music pursuits.

(Photo by RappyRaptor.)

Trading Post

Feral!, Trading Post

I will also be setting up in the "Trading Post" (Feral!'s Dealers Den) when it's open, showing examples of my t-shirts, and also taking commissions. It's also likely (if previous years are any indication) that I may actually make a shirt or two on site, as the need arises.

This shirt - which has pockets for glowsticks, so Miami wore it to DJ the dance - I made on-site in response to the phrase "Holy Potassium", which became an in-joke after an improv game between Shivers and myself!

(T-shirt by Branwyn, inspired by Shivers, worn by Miami, photo by BungeeSkunk.)

Glowing Paw

Feral!, DJ'd Dance

I'm not 100% sure about it yet, but I think I'll likely also be DJing at the dance again.

If you like the outdoors and have never been to Feral!, you should consider it, I can't say enough good things about it!

(T-Shirt by Dan Desveaux, photo by BungeeSkunk.)


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